The Advantages and Disadvantages of a Quadrella Bet

A quadrella bet at is a bet type that aims to pick four winners from four different races. It is often a frustrating bet type, but its massive betting pool and availability throughout the week make it an attractive option. This article discusses the benefits and disadvantages of this bet type. If you’re interested in attempting to place your own quadrella bet, keep reading. There are some basic tips for making your quadrella bet a success.

Quadrella is a bet type that seeks four winners of four selected races

The Quadrella bet is a popular way to make a big collect in a short amount of time. Just like a First 4 bet, a Quadrella bet requires the punter to name the first four runners to cross the finish line in four different races. This type of bet is difficult to win, however. While the odds can be high, they’re not that great to turn a profit on a quadrella. In addition to the low odds, a quadrella bet can cost up to $16 per leg.

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