How Can You Play 3-Card Poker?

Lots of players’ worldwide love to play 3 card poker. They love this variant of poker as they can learn its rules easily, and it is also a fun game. Even though 3 card poker can be played easily, every player should learn the basics very well.

An Overview of 3 Card Poker

3 Card Poker is different from other variants of poker regarding its gameplay. When you play this game, you will have three cards all the time, and you will bet against the dealer. Here, no other player remains involved, and players work hard to beat the hand of the dealer. 3 Card Poker is different from Blackjack as in the former, a player can draw or exchange more cards. All he has to do is use the three cards. Again, in 3 Card Poker, the house edge does not become a part of the pot because it remains embedded in the odds of the game at ทางเข้า fun88.

3 Card Poker is found in a couple of forms in casinos online. Hence, players can play this game based on the casino they have chosen. The best thing about 3 Card Poker is its rules aren’t very complicated, and if a player can form the right hand correctly, this game will turn out to be important to him.

The ideal method to play 3 Card Poker

3 Card Poker works to form the finest poker hand. If a player goes through its rules well, he will begin by creating an ante bet or/and a pair plus wager. To put it in other words, he will get a hand with nearly an improved pair.

After this, the game continues in the way mentioned below:

  • Players deal with three cards face down. Here, the dealer deals with three cards too.
  • Players can always go through their cards well, as it helps them in deciding their play wager. It would be a wise decision to play every hand greater compared to a Six and Four, Queen, and fold if any worse hand comes.
  • A player can fold, and when he does it, the game ends. The dealer becomes the winner of the ante wager.
  • When a player places a play wager, he turns over his cards to see whether or not his hand has beaten the dealer’s hand.
  • The ante bet and the play wager are paid out at a proportion of 1:10.
  • The player gets back the play wager if the hand of the dealer is Jack-high or worse than this.
  • Players must know that not every casino gives out an equal payout. A few casinos possess an Ante Bonus payout when it possesses one of the sturdiest hands. In this situation, no extra wagering is needed. Again, the payouts on straights become a vital portion of the ante-play part.


It can’t be denied that 3 Card Poker is a hugely prevalent game. If you observe this game from a strategic point of view at fun88, you will understand that 3 Card Poker isn’t very challenging. This is the chief reason; countless players enjoy it to the fullest.