Formulas and Techniques for Winning in Sports Betting

Now that we’ve covered some of the essential building blocks of what is required for a strong strategy for betting on sports, let’s have a look at some specific examples of wagering strategies that have been demonstrated to be effective when appropriately applied.

Taking a Risk-Split

In the realm of sports betting, there are occasions when a gambler might make a wager that is the exact opposite of his original stake. It may seem counterintuitive to gamble against your original bet, but as we’ll see, if executed properly, you just could guarantee a profit.

Futures bets, in which the odds on your wager improve dramatically as the season proceeds, and huge parlays, in which you’ve won most of your wagers but have one or more yet to play, are two examples of situations in which hedging may be useful. You’ll have far better chances on your wager as the season unfolds, regardless of the outcome with Brazino777 Bonuses.

In each of these cases, you may make a second wager against your first to guarantee a win no matter the outcome of the game.

Through hedging, you may exchange exposure to a potentially larger reward for a smaller one and a more certain payoff. Varying the size of your hedge bet allows you to play with your exposure to risk and possible reward.

To further understand how hedge betting works, let’s examine a widely-cited example from the 2011 MLB season.

A Cardinals supporter from St. Louis wagered $250 at a Las Vegas bookmaker on his team’s chances of winning the World Series. In a situation where they were five games out of the playoffs with 15 games remaining to play, the Cardinals still had a chance to make a run. To even make the playoffs, this is a huge mountain to climb.

  • The Cardinals not only made the playoffs, but they also won the NLCS and will be playing in the World Series against the Texas Rangers, just as he had predicted.
  • Suddenly, the gambler was facing at the possibility of a life-changing reward. But if the Cardinals were to fall short in the World Series. Nothing at all would be given to him. There has never been a better time to spread your bets. By betting against the initial amount, he may guarantee a financial gain. Check out how it’s done.
  • If you’ve placed a multi-bet parlay and the vast majority of your wagers have won, hedging will provide you with the same level of protection. One loss in a parlay bet will result in the loss of the whole wager. With just one game remaining, you may want to consider betting against your original parlay bet to reduce risk. Doing so will guarantee a financial gain.

Putting Your Bets on the Middle

Middling occurs when a bettor bets on a point spread early on only to see the line move later. After making a wager, the bettor notices a change in the line. When line shopping, you may discover value in the middle when you see wildly varying point spreads for the same game. Even while chances like these don’t come along often, they aren’t impossible to find.

You may take advantage of the fluctuating odds by placing a bet that is in direct opposition to your initial wager, and in certain situations, winning both. Do not worry if you find the preceding information confusing. Please read on for an example that will clarify everything for you.