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The online gambling industry in popularity over the last decade with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, a new form of online casino has emerged – the crypto casino. Crypto casinos allow players to deposit, play games, and withdraw winnings in digital currencies rather than traditional fiat money. 

Crypto casino loyalty programs:

Loyalty or VIP programs are structured reward systems offered by online stake casino s to incentivize players to keep playing at their sites. Traditional online casinos have offered versions of loyalty programs for years, usually based on accumulating points for real money wagers which can be redeemed for bonuses or perks.  Crypto casinos put a fresh spin on loyalty programs by tying accumulation and rewards to wagering done in cryptocurrencies. Point accrual rates, tier levels, redemption options, and benefits will vary across crypto casinos but generally provide players with a percentage cashback, deposit matches, free spins, merchandise, event invites, and more.

Benefits of crypto casino loyalty programs

There are many benefits to joining a crypto casino’s loyalty program:

  1. Rewards wallet – Points earned are kept in a separate wallet that accumulates more through continued play. Some programs offer compound interest for unused points.
  2. Higher rewards – Reaching new tiers (based on points earned) unlocks better redemption rates and exclusive rewards.
  3. Personalized offers – VIP hosts may provide customized bonus offers, prizes, and experiences. 
  4. Special events– Invites to exclusive parties, dinners, entertainment events, and more for top-tier members. 

The highest echelons of crypto casino loyalty programs mimic what you’d expect at a high-roller land-based casino. Customized five-star experiences and luxurious gifts or getaways are bestowed to keep big players happy and playing.

Tips to maximize crypto casino loyalty rewards

To get the most out of a crypto casino’s loyalty program, keep these tips in mind:

  • Sign up early – Enroll on day one rather than mid-way through play to start accruing from the beginning. Time is key in climbing tier levels.
  • Take advantage of promotions – Opt-in for bonuses and promos that have point multipliers or extra giveaways.
  • Play new games- Try newly launched games as these often have point bonuses during launch periods.
  • Use max bet sizes – Higher bets equal faster point accrual so bet bigger if your budget allows. 
  • Play regularly – Consistent play is rewarded so avoid long gaps between sessions. Some programs have time limits on points before they expire.
  • Participate in tournaments – Playing in slot or table tournaments earns extra points, especially for winners.
  • Lock up stake coins – Some casinos give interest and points for staking coins for set periods.
  • Watch for challenges – Special point challenges will pop up so complete them to quickly boost your balance. 
  • Don’t cash out rewards instantly – Let points accumulate in your wallet as many programs grant higher redemption rates after certain thresholds.

The more engaged you are with a crypto casino and its loyalty program, the more rewards you’ll reap. Like a high-yield savings account, compounding interest through reinvestment of points leads to far greater returns long term.